I am a Full-Stack Software Developer
specializing in JavaScript and its Frameworks.

I write beautiful code.

With over 4 years writing code, I’ve produced software written in PHP, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Kotlin and Python. I love embracing new challenges and am willing to learn new technology.

UI/UX Designer

I am design-minded. Being a full-stack developer requires knowledge of design. Designing system architecture and user interface is key to establishing a solid foundation before the development of software. Understanding the significance of user experience is key to delivering software that produces impact and delivers on usability.

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Software Developer

I write beautiful code. A brilliant web or mobile app is effective in performance. It runs seamlessly to deliver an amazing user experience. Zero lags, zero errors, and efficient use of resources. Performance is determined by the technology used. Which is essentially the codebase. Code that is relevant, precise, and flexible to accommodate future change.

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Constant Learning

I work on projects with different technological needs. Over the years, I’ve built a strong foundation on the fundamentals of software development. Having learned the fundamentals, I have specialized in JavaScript and gained knowledge of other languages too. My most valuable asset is the ability to learn, perform research, and adapt.

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Result Driven

I am result-driven. I dedicate my effort and energy to delivering beautiful results. That means being a good planner and executioner of plans. It also involves communicating with my team or client to make the project realization process collaborative. I love working with an agile methodology, that helps me or my team deliver results efficiently.

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Team Player

Some projects I work on with a team, others I deliver individually. No matter the case, I’ve learned the importance of working in a team and being a team player. That means I contribute to discussions, communicate, deliver my tasks, and participate in the thought process to deliver superb results.

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My expertise

I am proficient in these technologies.